Windows Setup
-Unblock and Access your favorite U.S. and U.K.-based websites, T.V. shows and streaming movie sites.
-Surf Anonymously
-Encrypt your Internet Connection

How do I set up VPN on my Windows computer?

step 1)

Download the Securepoint VPN client (it’s 100% free!).

Click on this link to go to the download page at (a trusted and leading open source software development and distribution site).

**clicking on the above link will open another window.

Make sure you save the download to someplace on your computer that you can easily find again!

After you have downloaded it, install it:

step 2)

Download, unzip and save the attached openvpn VPN configuration files named, "OpenVPN" to a place where you can easily find them.

The attachment came with the mail from us that led you here, labeled, "VPN Tunnel Service Login (mail #3 of 3)".

You can also download it directly from here:

(you will need to login/be logged in to access the download)

Click on the attachment in your email from us to download it.

* Your "unzip" application may be/look different than the one here, but the steps/actions are the same.

Click "Extract to".

* Create a folder and click "OK".

Make sure you remember where you create this folder and have saved the downloaded files because you will need to locate these configuration files from within the Securepoint VPN Client in the next set of steps.


step 3)

Import the configuration files for our VPN servers into the Securepoint VPN Client.

First, open Securepoint from your Windows Start button.

If the program doesn’t seem to open, look at your system tray for the shield icon as in the picture below. It is probably opened but just minimized by default.

If you double-click the icon, Securepoint will appear as in the image below.

Next, click the "Import" button.

Locate the folder you created earlier and double-click on that folder…

double-click the next folder as well…

You will see all the folders for our currently available international VPN servers. Double-click the country you would like to have access to…

Then, double-click any of the server locations you would like to add to the Securepoint VPN Client.

Finally, select the configuration file for that server location as in the image below, and click "Open".

Click the "Import" button to finalize the import.

Click "OK".

Return to the Securepoint interface and click the "Connect" button.

Type in your VPN Tunnel Service Login Username (email address).

Again, you can find your username in the mail that brought you here: "(VPN Tunnel Service Login mail #3 of 3)".

Click "Save data". And then click "OK".

Type in your password from the same email and make sure to click "Save data", and finally the "OK" button.

Securepoint will begin to connect. Within 30 seconds or so, the orange bar will change to green.


Green means you are connected to the VPN server and you can now surf the Internet safely and access your favorite web sites while you are traveling around the world!

This seems like a long process, but it is all worth it once you are connected.

* You can also confirm that you are connected by looking at the Securepoint icon in the System tray at the bottom right of your Windows interface.

If it is green, you are connected!

Repeat this for as many servers as you want to have access to, as in the image below.

Once you have imported all the configs, you can switch between them as you please.

You can also click the green down arrow button and open up the advanced settings.

There, you can set Securepoint so that it auto reconnects in case your connection drops for any reason. This will allow you to always maintain a secure connection.

Many VPN services drop and their Users are not even aware that their connection is then open to scrutiny by ISP’s, or other unsavory parties…

Stay connected , anonymous and secure.

You can also set up Securepoint so that it auto starts when you first start Windows.

That’s it! You’re all done.

The next time you turn on your computer, just go to your system tray and if you set up Securepoint so that it starts with Windows, you will see the shield icon there.

Just double click to open the interface and then simply click one of the "connect" buttons to start up your Private Tunnel.

CONGRATULATIONS. You are now connected to your private VPN tunnel! You can now surf the Internet safely and anonymously!


If you have any more questions, first check out our FAQ page, and if that doesn’t sort you out, contact us at

**NOTE: if you get an "AUTH_FAILED" error and the orange bar turns to red, then your username or password are not correct.

What to do??

Just right click on the red bar and then select "clear error".

Then, right click on that server connect bar again and select "clear saved data".

Now, clicking on the "Connect" button will bring back the Username and Password input windows.

Try again and make sure you are typing in the correct information and without any misspellings.

If you want to double-check and or change your VPN Tunnel password, there are full instructions here:

Once you have confirmed your VPN Password, try the above steps again.