Mac Setup
-Unblock and Access your favorite U.S. and U.K.-based websites, T.V. shows and streaming movie sites.
-Surf Anonymously
-Encrypt your Internet Connection

How do I set up VPN on my Mac?

step 1)

Download the Tunnelblick VPN client (it’s 100% free!).

Click on this link to go to the download page for Tunnelblick.

(**clicking on the above link will open another window**)

Then, click on the "Download Tunnelblick" link, or the Green Download Arrow, whichever you see.


Note 1: We recommend choosing stable versions rather than the Beta.

Note2: This images in this tutorial may look a little different than yours depending on the version of OS you are using and the version of Tunnelblick that you download). This tutorial is written around version version 3.2.8 but you should read carefully to find the best release for the operating system version you are using, and follow the same basic steps outlined here. If you have any troubles, feel free to mail us at or

Click on the big "Tunnelblick_3.2.8.dmg" link.

After you have downloaded it, install it:

step 2)

Next, download and unzip the VPN configuration files named, "Xex VPN configs"

The attachment came with the mail from us that led you here, labeled, "VPN Tunnel Service Login (mail #3 of 3)".

You can also download it directly from here:

(you will need to login/be logged in to access the download)

Next, double click on the "Xex VPN configs -Tunnelblick" folder (if you can’t find it, look in your "Downloads" folder).

You should see at least 6 configs within the folder.

Now, just double click on the file for the country/server location that you would like to set up first (e.g. "USA 1.tblk").

(add more servers step #1)

* If another window pops up asking if you are sure you want to open it, press "Open" again.

* You may also be prompted to type in your OS X user password again. Type it in now and press "OK".

Another window will open asking if you want to "Install Configuration For All Users?". Select "All Users" unless this is a shared computer.

(add more servers step #2)

Another window will open prompting you for your OS X User Password again. Type it in now and then press "OK".

(add more servers step #3)

Tunnelblick will launch and you should see its icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Click that icon once to see the dropdown menu. You should see the name of the config that you just added (USA 1.tblk). It should look like this:

–>"Connect USA 1". Select that location now.

(add more servers step #4)

Another window will open asking you for your Xex VPN Tunnel Service Username and Password (these are the username and password that came with the mail that brought you to this tutorial.

Type in your Username (email address) and Password now.

Make sure to check "Save to keychain" if you want your password to be saved.

Then press "OK".

(add more servers step #5)

Tunnelblick will begin connecting (Authorizing) to the server/location that you selected.

When the yellow text turns green in the little tinted window, it will tell you that you have successfully connected.

The Tunnelblick icon on the menu bar will also change from blackish icon to a whitish animated "open tunnel" icon.

You can also confirm your connection by clicking on the Tunnelblick icon again.

You will see "Disconnect USA 1", and a timer tracking how long you have been connected.

CONGRATULATIONS. You are now connected to your private VPN tunnel! You can now surf the Internet safely and anonymously!

You can see what your secure, anonymous and temporary IP address is by navigating to the following page:

There is a "What’s my I.P. Address" app on the right side of the page.


You can easily disconnect from the VPN server whenever you want by selecting "Disconnect…" from the dropdown menu.


Oh. You want to add more configs/server locations?

No problem.

Just repeat the steps labeled, "(add more servers step #1-5)" above.

Once you have added all the VPN servers that you want to access with Tunnelblick, you can easily switch between them by disconnecting from one server and then selecting another within the Tunnelblick dropdown menu.

* If you have any more questions, first check out our FAQ page, and if that doesn’t sort you out, contact us at

* If you want to double-check and or change your VPN Tunnel password, there are full instructions here: