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private internet connection FAQ’s

Q: How do I renew my VPN Tunnel Service (before or after a Free Trial is finished)?

A: Click here for a quick tutorial

Q: Does track what websites I visit?

A: No. We do not track your surfing behavior nor the connections you make from our servers to other servers or networks. We believe in helping people surf safely and anonymously and thus we do not track your incoming or outgoing traffic.

However, if we receive any copyright violation notices from the a copyright holder of any materials we will notify -all- users of said violation, and if such infringement continues and we receive subsequent notices from said copyright holders, we reserve the right to to assign users to a unique IP address and log which user was assigned which IP address at a given time.

Consequently, if we receive any copyright violation notices from the true copyright holder after that point, then we will terminate the offender’s account without refund and ban them from our site via their IP address forever. Please don’t ruin eveyone else’s freedom by forcing us to implement such drastic measures.

Thus, we ask our users not to download or re-distribute material which violates the copyright laws in either your country or the country in which our Service is hosted. You do so at your own risk.

Remember, you have the right to anything you want up to the point that it does not infringe on someone else’s rights.

Q: Will you always have free trial accounts?

We HAD a free trial but many boneheads abused our kindness as we asked people not to do below, so we have discontinued free trials. Thanks to the jerks…

if you are seriously considering signing up for our VPN service and would like a free trial, contact us at and we will hook you up with a free trial period.

A: We currently have a 1 week free trial. Please don’t be selfish or abuse it and ruin it for other people. The free trial is for people that want to try out our service before they decide if they want to buy it. If we find that it gets abused, we will quickly discontinue it as well as terminate and ban any such users. We believe in helping others maintain freedoms. Help us spread this freedom by not taking advantage of our free gift (free trials) for first-timers.

Q: What do you mean by "surf anonymously"?

A: It means that your real IP is totally invisible to any site or service you visit. Once you connect to our SPN servers, our address becomes yours. To anyone that might try to follow your connection will only fin that you are connected to a generic server in the country server that you connected to us through. It will simply look as though you are viewing our server and that is all.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of bandwidth I can use?

A: No, we do not impose any bandwidth restrictions. We reserve the right to restrict any accounts that through excessive bandwidth use, impedes or hinders other user’s usage of our services. In such a case, we will contact the user and we may give the user the opportunity to maintain their typical usage by purchasing a Power User account.

Basically, we figure that if you are not doing any illegal downloading or shady redistribution stuff, you probably won’t encounter this situation.

Q: Can I use VPN to secure my VOIP, chat or Skype connections? And is your service compatible with Skype Connect?

A: Yes. And yes. See Skype’s info on Skype Connect:

Does Skype Connect™ support Virtual Private Networks?

Q: Is VPN easy to set up?

A: We have and are doing our best to continually make it easier to set up our VPN services. We hate it when stuff is difficult, too!

At the moment, it only takes a few minutes to set up our OpenVPN client on your computer and we walk you through the process in our step-by-step graphic tutorials.

For Apple mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, we just created an Easy VPN Setup PPTP "Configuration Profile". Basically it a little software shortcort that Apple produces and we customized so that you can "auto-configure" your Apple Mobile device by clicking on a single icon on this page and then typing in your username and password (a graphic tutorial on the same page is available to walk you through it just in case!). Note: you should navigate to the above page/link while using your Mobile device’s internet browser. The profile will then auto-setup that mobile device. Cool huh? Just make sure that you have already signed up for one of our user accounts and have your username and password ready.

There is also a manual configuration, which only takes a few minutes to set up if you prefer to do-it-yourself. Click here for the tutorial for Apple Mobile devices.

* We will be adding new servers as fast as we can afford to time and money-wise. Watch this page for the release of an Easy VPN Setup L2TP version very soon.

Q: Do you support Android Phones?

A: at the moment, we ONLY Support Apple Mobile devices like: iPhones, iPads and iPods. We will add Android and other Smartphones soon.

Q: What information do you collect?

A: The only information you need to give us is a nickname and your email address when you sign up with us.

Q: Where are your servers located?

A: Currently we have servers in the USA, the U.K. and Japan. We will be adding new servers in other countries depending on User requests. So if you have a request for a new server location, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Are accounts activated instantly? Can I use my VPN right after I sign up?

A: Free trial accounts will be activated immediately and you will receive your login information shortly after completing signup.

Paid accounts are immediately activated after payment has been received or cleared.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: Please check out our Home page (look at the bottom of the page) to see all our acceptable payment methods.

We may be adding more payment methods, especially for local payment in Japan (furikomi, Rakuten ichiba). We are researching this now and will update you here or on the Home page, or on our Announcements page.

Q: How do I change my "My Account" password?


1) From your My Account area, click on Update Your Details (or click this link and login using your current My Account password).

2) Click on Change Password.

3) Enter your new password information and then confirm it.

* Note: the above ONLY changes your My Account Password.

* If you want to change your VPN login password -say to match your My Account login password so you only have one password to worry about- you can do so in the following way (see next Question):


Q: How can I change my VPN Tunnel Password?


1) From your My Account area, click on the "Services/MyServices" button/link on the main menu.

2) Click on the blueish "View Details" button to the right of the description of your VPN Tunnel service description.

3) Click on the "Change Password" link.

4) Enter your new password information and then confirm it.

5) Don’t forget to write down your new password, and then Click the "Save Changes" button.

Q: How can I cancel my membership/service with

(How can I upgrade/downgrade my service- i.e. from a 1 year subscription to a 6 month subscription?)

A: We have conveniently set up your User Account so that you can easily cancel your service or subscription at any time. If you would like to cancel your membership with us, just follow these instructions:

1) From your My Account area, click on the "Services/MyServices" button/link on the main menu.

2) Click on the blueish "View Details" button to the right of the description of your VPN Tunnel service description.

3) Click on the "Management Actions" link.

4) Select the action that you want to incur (Upgrade/Downgrade or Request Cancellation).

5) If you would like to simply upgrade or downgrade your service, then you will see the following Upgrade/Downgrade screen. Just click on the dropdown menu and select the new plan that you would like and then click on the Choose Product button.

* If you are upgrading your product you will be prompted for a payment option.

* If you are downgrading, we have set up our billing system so that you will receive a pro-rated credit on your account.

** If you want to cancel your membership, you will see the following Account Cancellation Request screen. Just type in a short description of your reason for cancellation and

6) Then click the "Cancellation Type" dropdown menu and select either "Immediate" or "End of Billing Period" if you would like to finish using your service until the end of the current billing cycle.

7) Click on the red Request Cancellation button.

8) WAIT!! If you completed the above Cancellation request, your service will be canceled in the term you requested and you will not be able to use the service after that time. You will also not receive any further invoices for payment from us. However, if you set up a Paypal or other automatic subscription to pay for your service, then you will need to login to your Paypal (or other) payment service and cancel the subscription there as well. For Paypal, Read below:

1) Log in to your Paypal account.
2) Click on "Profile".
3) Click on "My fanancial info (Banks, credit cards, and more)" on the left side of the

4) Click on "Update" to the right side of the "My preapproved payments" section.
5) Click on Xex under "Merchant" and then Click on "Cancel" to the right of "Status".

That’s it~! You’re done.

For other payment services, please contact them directly for information on how to cancel your auto subscription.

Q: Where the heck can I change the language of My Account area?

A: To change your My Account area (and most menus within it) to another language, just click on the dropdown (dropup) menu at the top left of your My Account Area or any checkout screen and select the language you prefer. Your My Account area browser will automatically reload in the newly selected language.

There are 14 language selections for your linguistic pleasure.

Note: if you signed up for our services while the language was defaulted to English (or other language) during your checkout, your My Account area will always load in English (or that language) and your support and other billing mails and notices will load and be sent in English (or that language). Although you cannot change the language of the notices or emails that you will receive once you have signed up, you can change the language of your My Account area as explained above.

Q: Do you guarantee connection speeds?

A: No. There are too many factors that affect your connection speeds, most of all your ISP handling of your connection with them. We do not control your ISP or your connection with them. If you are downloading large files while using our service, you may encounter slower connection speeds as ISP’s often actively throttle or slow down the connection of users that they feel are using too much of their bandwidth or processing power.

Q: Do you recommend using VPN to upload and download illegal or copyrighted materials?

A: Ha ha. Don’t be silly. Of course not. If you do this anyway and we find out, we will cancel your membership and then you will be without protection and your ISP or the authorities would be able to see that you are doing it. And if you live in Japan, remember there is now a new law that could land you in jail and or get you a 2 million yen (about $25,000 U.S.) fine.

Additionally, if you happened to get away with using our services to cloak the fact that you are carrying out such activities while using our services, you may cause our ISP to throttle or slow down our VPN server connections, and that may be why you see such a difference in speeds. If you cause our servers to be throttled because of the amount of downloading you are doing you may be banned from our services so be careful what you do… We do not monitor where you go or what you are doing while under our "dome of silence" but our servers do know, as our ISP’s do if we -or you- are hogging a ton of bandwidth, and that is cause for cancellation of your service and is outlined in the Terms of Service that you electronically signed when you signed up for this service.

Q: My streaming movies seem to be slow. I’m watching a movie now and I’m getting a delay and timer sign during the stream. Is that because I am going through your VPN tunnel?

A: There may be a very small lag because you are going through our servers, but we have high specs on our servers and we keep upgrading our specs as we get more users accessing our servers.

A good way to test the difference is to shut off your Xex VPN connection and then stream a movie and see how fast it is, then turn Xex VPN back on and try it again and compare the difference.


Q: Just to be clear, if I sign up for your service, is it a subscription service. I mean, will my credit card be charged every month?


Paypal: If you signed up for one of our Monthly, Semi-yearly, or Yearly membership services via Paypal to take advantage of our heavily discounted memberships, you will be automatically invoiced and charged each month until you wish to stop using our service and wish to cancel. We have set up our service so that you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you would like to cancel your subscription, there are easy instructions on how to do so here.

Q: As an Affiliate, can I refer people to VPN as an anonymous way to download pirated files using PTP/Torrent sites or programs?

A: Absolutely NOT! -

1) Please do not misrepresent our services. is NOT a service for anonymously downloading pirated files.

We don’t allow P2P/Torrent traffic on any of our VPN servers. Anyone that uses P2P applications with our service will have their account suspended without any refund.

Q: What Smartphones/mobile devices/operating systems do you support?

A: at the moment, we ONLY Support Apple Mobile devices like: iPhones, iPads and iPods. We will add Android and other Smartphones soon.

Q: What carriers do you support?

A: In Japan:

* SoftBank for iPhones, iPads and iPods. We know Softbank uses the "flat-rate fee"(in Japanese- "Packet Hoodai Flat"パケット放題フラット), which will not incur fees when you use VPN (we use Xex VPN on our own iPhones 24 hours a day and no extra charges are incurred.

* We have also contacted AU (from KDDI) for iPhones, iPads and iPods. AU told us that these Apple mobile devices also have a flat packet fee, but we suggest that you confirm with your local AU shop that you are indeed on that "flat-rate fee" before you use it.

But you need to make sure that you are on the "flat-rate fee". Most Softbank iPhone plans are automatically setup with the Packet Hoodai Flat plan when you sign up in Japan, but you should confirm this first. You should be able to check your plan directly from your phone. If not, contact Softbank directly.

Please check your data usage plan BEFORE you set it up with Xex VPN and begin using it. Depending on your mobile carrier, you could be enrolled in a ‘measured rate system’ and you could incur HUGE communication fees by using VPN communication data traffic.

For example, Japan’s NTT Docomo uses a measured rate system, and so connecting to a VPN server without signing up for their "mopera" plan could cost you 4-5 million yen in fees in one month! No kidding!

A: In countries other than Japan:

Q: Can I use Xex VPN on my Apple mobile device in countries other than Japan?

A: Yes, but we have only researched the data fees/system for the Japanese carrier, Softbank Japan. If you use another carrier for your iPhone or other Apple device in your country, you need to check with that carrier to find out if you could be charged for data transfer while connecting to VPN servers.

* will not be responsible for any charges incurred by your use of VPN on your phone so please check this out before you set up and use VPN on your mobile phone/devices.*