Easy VPN Setup
-Unblock and Access your favorite U.S. and U.K.-based websites, T.V. shows and streaming movie sites.
-Surf Anonymously
-Encrypt your Internet Connection

private internet connection

iPhone/iPad/Apple mobile device

Easy VPN Setup (PPTP)

Setup VPN on your Apple mobile device in less than 30 seconds!

* NOTE: Please check your data usage plan BEFORE you set it up with Xex VPN and begin using it. Depending on your mobile carrier, you could be enrolled in a ‘measured rate plan’ and you could incur HUGE communication fees by using VPN communication data traffic. Read more…


FROM your iPhone or iPad Browser, just click on the icon for the VPN server that you would like to setup on your mobile device.

Then, follow the instructions below.

**You will need to have your "VPN Tunnel Service" username and password ready to type in.

In case you do not remember them, you can find your username and password in the mail titled “VPN Tunnel Service Login (mail #3 of 3).


Click "Install".


Click "Install Now".


Enter your iphone/ipad/ipod passcode (depending on your device’s setup you might be able to skip this step).


Enter your "VPN Tunnel Service" Username (the password you signed up at Xex with).


Enter your "VPN Tunnel Service" Password.


Click "Done".


Return to "Settings" and Switch your new VPN button to "ON".

8 )

Your Secure VPN connection will now begin!

9 )

You are now connected to your VPN Tunnel! Now you can surf the Internet Safely, Securely.

if you would like to setup ALL of the VPN servers on your mobile device, simply repeat the above process for each server.