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VPN Tunnel 40+ hour pass
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$1 gets you 40+ hours
VPN Private Tunnel
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What is Xex VPN? What can a VPN do for me? VPN protects you from snoopers at hotels, offices, airports, & Wi-Fi hotspots. Unblocks & allows you to Access your Favorite Sites in the U.S., the U.K., Japan… from Anywhere in the World! VPN Hides your public IP address. VPN allows you to surf freely and anonymously. VPN protects you from malicious web sites. * Please note that aVPN’ is not an anti-virus software.
Use Xex VPN on your iPhone or other Apple mobile device. Take your Security and Entertainment on the road (or on the train tracks!).
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Standard Features on Paid Accounts:
Unlimited Bandwidth
Anonymous I.P. Address
Access to all gateways
Unlimited switching + Use OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP with 1 account!
Server Locations:
United States: 1 Server
United Kingdom: 1 Server (New!)
Supported Operating Systems:
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All of our servers are Positive SSL secured and Certified
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